The ‘BLACK TIE’ Experience

We operate beyond the realm of standard valet services, the Black Tie experience stands for the pursuit of luxurious living. With an emphasis on world class service, we bring elegance into everything that we do. Our niche is to blur the lines of high end service trends with the friendly courtesy that you deserve. Our mantra is “If we are going to do it, we are going to do it right”. We strive for absolute quality and peace of mind for the people we serve. Our constant strive for quality is apparent in our customer service retention ratings and surveys. Our main goals are to provide peace of mind for each of our clients while delivering above expectations each and every time. Take the Black Tie challenge and let us show you what we pride ourselves on.

Our Back Story

Black Tie Parking was founded by James McArthur Jr. in 2014, when the opportunity was presented to him with the encouragement and support of staff and members at the Interlachen Country Club. After being a part of several valet teams, he continuously became irritated by the lack of service and attention to detail that was prevalent. Having learned the operation, Mr. McArthur felt enough confidence to start his very own Valet Service with the intent of consistently rising above his client’s expectations.

Future Ventures

As mentioned above, the Black Tie Experience bleeds through everything that we do, beyond just standard valet service. We look forward to servicing your facilities and events, as we continue to expand our range and build up a company that truly focuses on delivering luxury lifestyle through world-class service.