Valet Parking

The Valet Parking Attendant is always the first and last point of contact for guests and visitors at your facility. Black Tie valets warmly welcome guests and visitors and constantly strive to create a five-star experience within every interaction. Black Tie valet attendants are trained to aid and assist your guests with directions to all locations on the property, provide continuous support, and create a courteous and professional atmosphere all while keeping the traffic flow consistent, organized, safe, and secure.
Our attendants strive to handle every situation professionally and efficiently, building trust and respect with guests, visitors and staff alike. All of our valets are screened and trained to make interactions with guests and vehicles a top priority, treating both with the utmost care and respect.

Valet Parking For Events

Whether you require valet parking for a wedding, corporate event, conference, grand opening, or any gathering, Black Tie Valet takes the responsibility of valet parking for events very seriously and treats every guest with the same importance. We are versatile and equipped to handle any situation. Our valet parking staff will run your event’s front door and transportation operations as efficiently as they do with our largest clients. It is our pleasure to serve, therefore no job is neither too big nor too small.

Valet Parking For Private Parties

You only get one chance to make a first impression! Let your guests experience our first-class valet parking for private parties. Our front door services and valet parking can enhance the success of any event! When a function is located at a smaller venue or even a neighborhood, we can provide ease to your guests without inconveniencing the neighbors.

Valet parking can add a sense of importance to your party as well. With a smiling professional staff, your guests will be greeted with a Red Carpet treatment.” The Black Tie staff understands that when we provide services for an individual or a corporate event, our service is the first and last impression the guests will receive.

Surface Parking Lot Management

No matter the size of your need for surface parking lot management, Black Tie has the experience and resources to meet each parking facility’s needs. We use automation, parking equipment, software, signage and personnel effectively. Your parking customers will be directed to your surface parking lot location, as well as the parking lot’s entrances and exits. With our organized, dependable, and courteous staff, Black Tie Valet keeps vehicle and pedestrian traffic flowing safely in and out of the surface parking lot.

Black Tie Valet provides parking facilities with a dedicated team of professionals that provide surface parking lot management efficiently and effectively.

Garage Management

Responsible, friendly, and meticulous. Black Tie cashiers are effectively trained on payment policies and procedures as well as the various acceptable methods of payment at individual facilities. Knowledgeable about the facility and surrounding neighborhoods, they will also be equipped to give guests accurate directions. By serving guests and staff with a sense of urgency, Black Tie cashiers also contribute to a consistent traffic flow and reduced wait time.
With experience in parking garage management for garages of any size, Black Tie Valet uses this knowledge and expertise to help maximize revenue and minimize operational costs, without sacrificing guest satisfaction.